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Meet Navia

McDonogh Girls' Varsity Tennis

I have been on the Girls' Varsity Tennis Team at McDonogh since 2021. Although the team did not get a chance to compete in 2020 due to Covid, we had an undefeated season in 2021 and 2022. We also earned the IAAM A-Conference Title as a team both years, and in 2022, my partner and I won the #1 Doubles IAAM Title. The tennis season is my favorite part of the school year. I look forward to spending the end of my day learning and improving with my wonderful team. I have made so many friendships and learned so much about being a better teammate. In 2022, I won the Eagle Award, which is presented to the member of a varsity team who, by vote of the players, has demonstrated the greatest contribution to the team through athletic excellence, spirit, dedication, self sacrifice, and effort. This year, I am looking to captain the team to another victory.


High Performance Champion

I've been playing tennis since I was 9 years old. Having been trained at JTCC since 2015 and being in their Champs 1 program, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing coaches to achieve both my tennis and fitness goals. I have learned the best technique, many amazing drills, as well as the best exercises to enhance my training, and I am ready to share them with anyone who is interested! In addition to the Champs 1 program, I captained the 'One Hit Wonders', which was a tournament team at JTCC. We competed for the community playing hours, and I won a scholarship for having won 3rd place. It was through captaining this team that I learned many different ways to coach people based on their learning styles, and I also learned how to make learning tennis functional and fun!

My Experience Coaching

In 2022, I was the assistant coach for the red ball program at JTCC. There I coached players of the ages 6 to 8 with the goal of creating a strong foundation for their tennis careers. Since then, I have helped girls on the McDonogh intramural tennis team to learn the basics of tennis. Both the children in the red ball program as well as the girls on the intramural team have made significant improvements after my assistance, and now I'm ready to help more people on their tennis adventures. 

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